When selling a home, the pre-listing inspection, or “Seller’s Inspection” is gaining popularity.
I would posit that a pre-listing inspection is one of the biggest boons to a seller in any market. The advantages of the seller’s inspection are many and include:
  • Allows you to take time to shop for contractors to make repairs;
  • Justifies asking price and puts a damper on last-minute negotiations;
  • You can attach repair estimates and invoices to the report;
  • Removes over-inflated buyer-procured repair estimates from the negotiating table;
  • List the report on FetchReport.com as a marketing tool;
  • Provides full-disclosure protection from future legal claims.
The $400-$500 fee comes back to you and then some when you have sold your home quickly and smoothly at a decent price and not overpaid for any repairs or allowances.