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As a prospective home buyer, understanding the very basics of crawl space and basement issues is crucial.  Especially if you are new to the south east, where the humidity can rot a home from the foundation up, take note to know what to look for before you invest in a soggy bottomed “money pit”. Signs […]

  What’s the deal with the “11-Month” inspection? I thought there were 12 months in a year. Or is this just the classic case of “11” being one louder than “10”?   Oh, I’m sorry – I didn’t see you there. What Is The 11-Month Warranty Inspection? So the 11-month – or 11th Month – […]

“I need a home inspection to make sure everything is up to code.”   This is an example of a common request when someone contacts us for a home inspection in North Carolina. Does a home inspection look for code violations? Well… yes and no.   No in the sense that this is not a […]

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