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What Is An 11-Month Warranty Inspection?

  What’s the deal with the “11-Month” inspection? I thought there were 12 months in a year. Or is this just the classic case of “11” being one louder than “10”?   Oh, I’m sorry – I didn’t see you there. What Is The 11-Month Warranty Inspection? So the 11-month – or 11th Month – […]


Home Inspections and Code Compliance

“I need a home inspection to make sure everything is up to code.”   This is an example of a common request when someone contacts us for a home inspection in North Carolina. Does a home inspection look for code violations? Well… yes and no.   No in the sense that this is not a […]


Roof Leak at the Chimney?

Chimneys, especially of the masonry variety, are not nearly as popular as they used to be, but if you have an older home, there are things you need to know about proper maintenance, particularly in regards to the flashing around where the chimney comes through the roof.   It’s an easy enough fix to reinstall […]


Improve Your Crawl Space

    The crawl space. It’s the nether regions of a home that almost everyone wants to ignore. In the southeastern part of the US, they are quite common – especially in older homes – and the standard vented crawl space has been deemed an inferior foundation type. What do you if you have one? […]


How To Inspect + Maintain Your Home Air Conditioning

At the start of each cooling season, a licensed professional should perform inspection of the Air Conditioning System. However, homeowners can do a lot of this work themselves.   Clean the Exterior Condenser Unit & Components That large box on the outside of your home is the condenser unit. It is designed to move warm […]

The Advantages of a Seller’s Inspection

When selling a home, the pre-listing inspection, or “Seller’s Inspection” is gaining popularity.   I would posit that a pre-listing inspection is one of the biggest boons to a seller in any market. The advantages of the seller’s inspection are many and include:   Allows you to take time to shop for contractors to make repairs; […]

What A Home Inspection Should Look Like

  Besides Andrew being in and around the home inspection industry for 15 years, we are homeowners. We sold a home and bought one again, and during the selling/buying process, we saw two very different experiences.    On one hand, our buyers were not represented well, nor was the inspection very good. We had to […]